Note Taking Services

Note Taking services are used by students who are deaf or hard of hearing, students with mobility disabilities (upper body limitations), students with medical conditions that significantly interfere with concentration (either the condition itself, or the effects of the medication which is required to treat the condition), blind or partially sighted students (notes for blind and partially sighted students are then converted to electronic formats and converted to audio files or enlarged print, or other formats, depending on the student), and others.

SAS sends recruiters to the classes of students requiring the service. Recruiters require approximately two or three minutes at the beginning of a class to ask for volunteers to share the notes they normally create for themselves. They are recognizable by the yellow folders (note taking kits with instructions and notepaper) they are carrying. Due to the volume of courses requiring note taking and related scheduling, SAS is unable to inform teaching staff of the exact day a Recruiter may arrive in their class. They typically appear during the first two weeks of classes in a new term. 

What we ask of teaching staff

  • Facilitate the service by setting aside a few minutes within the first two weeks of class (at the beginning of the class period) should a Recruiter arrive. Please introduce the Recruiter to the class and let them make their brief announcement.
  • Confidentiality is important. Please do not identify the student with the disability to the rest of the class. Once two students have volunteered, the Recruiter will quickly go to them, give them the note taker kit, and discreetly identify the student with the disability to them.

The student with the disability should be identifying themself by meeting with you and presenting you with a Letter of Accommodation from SAS. However, this may not occur before the Recruiters appear in your class.

Recruiters may come to your class more than once if there is more than one student in your course who requires the service. We try our best to recruit once for all the students, but sometimes students make their request for services later in the course after assessing how the class is run, whether there are web notes, the pace of information as well as other factors, before deciding whether they actually need note taking services. In addition, new students with accessibility-related needs for note taking may register with our office after the term begins, meaning the recruitment can occur part way through the term.

Please note: Augustana Campus in Camrose has a modified process for securing note takers, which often involves the instructor’s aid in recruiting peer note takers. You will be approached if your assistance is required.