Procedures for One Exam Per Day Accommodation

The procedures to use your "one test per day" accommodation are detailed below in the order in which they must be completed:

  1. Schedule both exams in ClockWork for the dates and times when the class is writing.
  2. Contact your instructors for the courses involved, explain that you have a ‘one test per day accommodation’ and request an alternate date and time for moving one of the exams. Please make sure to include the SAS Exam Office on those emails (
  3. Once one of your instructors has agreed to moving your exam, ask that instructor to send an email to the SAS Exam Office ( indicating permission for you to write the exam on the decided, alternate date and time.

    NOTE: If both instructors agree to moving your exams, you can choose which exam you would like to move and must inform both instructors of your decision.
  4. Contact the Exam Office to reschedule the exam to the approved alternate date and time in Clockwork. Only staff at the SAS Exam Office can reschedule your exam in Clockwork.
  5. The Exam Office will copy the email permission received from your instructor into your exam file in ClockWork.
This sequence must be completed before the seven day deadline for booking and modifying bookings with SAS and any other relevant deadlines.