Exam Accommodation Procedures

Students who take exams with Student Accessibility Services follow the University of Alberta Student Code of Conduct.

  1. SAS posts finalized exam locations in ClockWork one day before the exam date. Students must check their locations under “My upcoming events” and read email reminders containing exam details. Students must know the accommodations approved for exams written at SAS.
  2. Students must present ONEcards to SAS exam proctors along with materials permitted by instructors, if any. During the exam, ONEcards must be remain on students’ desks, picture side up, and visible to SAS proctors.
  3. Mobile or electronic devices are not permitted during exams. Devices must be turned off and placed in bags. Students who write exams in CAB 215-C, G, or H may bring their own locks and secure personal belongings in SAS lockers.

    Students may borrow a lock from SAS and will be given a combination. Government-issued photo ID, which will be held in SAS until the lock and combination are returned, is required to borrow a lock.
  4. All bags, outerwear, headwear (except for religious and SAS approved accommodation purposes), and personal belongings, including wallets, must be left in bags, ideally locked in SAS lockers.
  5. Proctors perform security checks before starting exams. Students must know which exam materials (if any) are permitted by instructors and present materials for security checks. In addition, students must turn pockets inside out, open pencil cases, and beverage containers. Transparent pencil cases are recommended.
  6. Food is not permitted in SAS exam rooms. Students requiring snacks during exams must consume them during breaks taken outside exam rooms and within sight of the proctor. Water and other beverages with lids are permitted in SAS exam rooms. Labels from transparent water bottles must be removed prior to entering SAS exam locations. Lids of beverage containers must remain completely closed and sealed if not used.
  7. Proctors will document SAS exam start time and projected end time on exam lists and on the front page of exam booklets. Students must initial projected end time on exam booklet.
  8. Students who take breaks during exams must inform proctors when they start and finish the breaks. Projected exam end time indicated on the exam booklet will not include accommodated breaks. Before the breaks, students must clip their ONEcards to paper exams and submit both to proctors. Proctors will perform security checks after students return from washroom breaks and then return the exam papers and ONEcard.
  9. SAS exam locations are quiet environments; students must be respectful of others.
  10. During exams, proctors perform random checks of exam rooms, washroom lockers, and stalls on a randomized schedule.
  11. Students who have any questions during exams must inform proctors, who will facilitate communication with instructors. Students who wish to speak to instructors during the exam may ask instructors beforehand if they are available for phone calls and willing to share their contact information with SAS.
  12. Students must submit exams to proctors by the time documented on the front page of their exam booklets.