Provincial and Federal Grants

All students (except international students) using approved accommodation services with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) are required to apply for provincial and federal grants to defray the costs of those services. Failure to apply for both grants will result in either:

  • the cessation of the provision of certain services pending payment by the student for the amount of the missing funding or;
  • the continuation of services but an encumbrance will be placed on the student’s University file until the student makes up the shortfall.

All receipts for services must be submitted to demonstrate that grant funding has been used appropriately -- any unused grant funds must be given back to Student Aid. 

All cases are considered individually and, in the circumstance that grant funding does not cover the cost of the approved accommodation service(s) required by the student, the University will assume responsibility for the remaining balance. International students must work with their Accessibility Advisor to determine funds available to cover the costs of approved accommodation services.

Students who have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from applying to Student Aid should consult with their SAS Accessibility Advisor as soon as possible.

Tip: Processing time can be lengthy! Since Accessibility Advisor guidance is required when applying for grants, book appointments prior to start of term and in the first month of term to facilitate successful applications.

Services for which funding may be applied for include:

  • Assistive services
  • Interpreting and real time transcribing (CART)
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Alternate format materials
  • Academic aide support
  • Tutoring (to offset impacts of disability or condition in learning environment)
  • Learning strategist support
  • Specialized transportation and accessibility-related parking arrangement
Specialized Equipment and/or Adaptive Technology
  • Assessments to determine need for adaptive technology
  • Training to develop proficiency in the use of adaptive technology
  • Acquisition of specialized equipment and/or software
Other Supports
  • Field Experience support