Program for Student Learning Diversity

The Program for Student Learning Diversity (PSLD) aims to provide individualized cognitive strategy instruction that assists students in understanding how they gain knowledge, while developing flexibility in their learning through guided coaching of cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies. Cognitive strategies are specific sets of steps to enable learning and comprehension of concepts. Meta-cognitive strategies are a master plan for all types of solution seeking, based on individual learning strengths and needs.

Drop-in Times

$90/hour. Check in with reception at 1-80 SUB and mention that you wish to use drop-in times. You will be guided to the appropriate location.

PSLD Strategy Support Drop-in Hours

  • Mondays from 1:00 - 1:50 p.m.
  • Tuesdays from 11:00 - 11:50 a.m.


$600/term/class - includes learning, reading, self-regulation, and writing classes.

PSLD Workshops

$60/50 minute workshop - includes learning, reading, self-regulation, special event, and writing workshops.

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Accessing PSLD Services

  1. To access PSLD Services, students must receive a referral from their SAS Accessibility Advisor.
  2. Each term, students book a Strategy Selection appointment with the PSLD Team Lead through SAS reception to set up services. 

Students are responsible to apply for funding and meet funding eligibility prior to accessing PSLD services. If you are a continuing student and your PSLD accommodations have not been extended, you will need to meet with your Accessibility Advisor prior to accessing these services. 

Students must meet with the PSLD Team Lead to determine if individualization of services is required due to accessibility needs. 

Who would benefit from PSLD support?

  • Someone who experiences challenges in academics such as study skills, exam anxiety, test taking skills, note-taking, information processing, memory, identifying main ideas and details, reading, writing, etc.
  • Someone whose accessibility needs interfere with academic course work. 
  • Someone who has difficulty self-regulating learning tasks like time management, motivation, concentration, planning, goal setting, task analysis etc.

Student Responsibilities

Students accessing the PSLD have a variety of responsibilities to coordinate and maintain support from the program. 

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