Student Responsibilities

Students accessing PSLD services have specific responsibilities to ensure their continued use of this support: 

  • Book the PSLD referral appointment and complete the individualized PSLD Service Estimate with the PSLD Team Lead. 
  • Apply for grant funding for PSLD Services. 
  • Direct grant questions to SAS Accessibility Advisors and SAS Admin team.
  • Review and keep track of PSLD Services accessed. 
  • Be aware of PSLD deadlines related to services outlined in the PSLD service estimate.
  • Pay for PSLD Services with grant monies, if applicable.
  • Read all SAS/PSLD Communications. 
  • Complete PSLD Service Estimate with the PSLD Team prior to booking any PSLD services. 
  • Arrive on time for and respect the processing needs of others in PSLD appointments, classes, and workshops.
  • Work in small groups and with the entire PSLD Instructional team (service individualization is determined on a case-by-case basis with the PSLD Team Lead and must be related to accessibility needs.)
  • Book an appointment with the PSLD Team Lead to discuss program commendations, concerns, add, change, or withdraw from PSLD services.