Notetaking Devices

What's available:

  • Braille Lite
  • Braille 'n Speak
  • Alphasmart 3000 
  • Type 'n Speak

Braille Lite 40   

Braille Lite 40-cell refreshable Braille notetaker delivers an array of practical features from a complete word processor to a personal organizer, and more. The large 40 character Braille display provides ample space for reading documents or even entire electronic books and articles. Scroll through volumes of materials with Braille Lite 40's two advance bars. And, 40 cursor routers allow you instant movement to any cell on the display, for fast and easy editing. Combine the Braille Lite 40 with popular screen access software such as JAWS? for Windows ? and you have a world-class 40-cell display for your PC.




Quantum Technologies 

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Braille 'n Speak  

Braille 'n Speak is a compact pocket notetaker that allows braille users to organise information quickly, quietly and reliably. It is easily operated by simple commands entered on a seven key braille keyboard that's comfortable to touch. This versatile device can also be used as a talking computer terminal, a braille to print transcriber and word processor, a talking calculator, clock and calendar and a talking telephone directory.

Braille 'n Speak has enough memory to remember about two thousand pages of braille. It has an in-built speech synthesizer and is able to clearly speak the braille text stored in its memory.












Braille 'n Speak 


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Alphasmart 3000 

The AlphaSmart 3000 is a simple, portable and affordable computer companion. It is compatible with any computer, Macintosh or PC, and with most printers. It enables users to type, edit and electronically store text (for example, reports, essays, email messages or notes), and to practice keyboarding, without having to be at a computer. The text can then be transferred to any computer for formatting, or directly to a printer. Its portability allows students to use it anywhere and anytime (for example, in the classroom, at home or on field trips). The AlphaSmart has an optional 100% error-free IR (infrared) interface that allows wireless transfer between the AlphaSmart and a computer or printer.


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Type 'n Speak 

This versatile notetaker gives you the combination of speech with a standard typewriter style keyboard. At two pounds, and about the size of a legal size sheet of paper, the durable Type 'n Speak lets you input and edit directly into the memory and instantly read back the information through the internal speech synthesizer at the press of a single command. It has complete word processing capabilities including a spell checker. The built-in Braille keyboard gives you the option of using a six-key Perkins-style input mode to enter information in either Grade 1 or Grade 2 Braille.



Type 'n Speak 


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