How to arrange accommodation

Book appointments

Your Accessibility Advisor will provide you with a confirmation email in regards to referrals and provide you with the name of the contact in writing. Please contact us to book an appointment with each individual. Areas that the Accessibility Advisor may refer you to include:
  • Adaptive Technology (AT) Services
  • Alternate Format Delivery
  • Program for Student Learning Diversity

Generate Letters of Accommodation

If the services and supports you receive from SAS impact your instructor in any way (e.g., exam accommodations, note-taking, recording of lectures, need for special seating, or CART reporting), your instructor will need to know that you have been authorized through SAS for these supports. 

Letters of Accommodation inform your instructors that you are registered with SAS and that you have provided SAS with sufficient documentation outlining your unique needs, subsequently verifying the recommended accommodations. To generate a Letter of Accommodation:

  1. Open Clockwork and select 'Accommodation Letters'. 
  2. Log in using your CCID and password. 
  3. Choose to either review course specific accommodations or to 'Get prof letter' directly.
  4. Select 'Generate PDF Letter'. A PDF will be created which you can then choose to email or print.

Consider arranging an appointment with each of your instructors during their office hours within the first 2 weeks of classes to provide them with the Letters of Accommodations. During these meetings introduce yourself, present the letter, discuss how your disability or condition affects your studies, and explain how the accommodations arranged through SAS will address those areas. You do not have to discuss the exact condition, just its functional impact for the course.

Accommodation Renewal

In order to renew your accommodations, the following documents must be completed depending on the term:

Fall 2016/Winter 2017 - find out more here.

Spring/Summer 2017 - download the application here

Accommodations for professional association or entrance exams

Are you planning to write professional association or entrance exams and need accommodations? Does the organization require verification documents from SAS to access accommodations?

Email your Accessibility Advisor a minimum of one month prior to the deadline for submission of the accommodation application to seek assistance.

Familiarize yourself with timelines and deadlines

Some services have timelines and deadlines for submission and scheduling. The more notice you provide, the more effectively we can assist you. 

Deadlines for scheduling examinations into ClockWork must be met to ensure your accommodations are appropriately attended to. Failure to do so may result in accommodations being unavailable to you for those examinations.